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Live To Eat with Candace Nelson

Aug 26, 2020

Kat Hantas is raising the bar for female entrepreneurs. CEO and founder of 21 Seeds, Kat is the visionary behind the all natural, fruit infused tequila made by women for women. Kat saw a blank space in the tequila market, and turned an innovative idea into a booming business. In an industry primarily dominated by men, 21 Seeds stands out for its smooth and fresh finish. Whether sharing stories with a friend or cooking alone in the kitchen, infused tequila is the new wine; and thanks to Kat, it’s here to stay. Tune in to this episode of Live to Eat as we talk about the benefits of drinking clean, why women should stop apologizing, the key to turning your project into a real company, and a recipe for the easiest margarita you’ll ever make.