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Live To Eat with Candace Nelson

Sep 16, 2020

Fred Savage has had a voracious appetite for life since he landed his first TV commercial at age six. Just a few years later, he landed the role of Kevin Arnold on the Wonder Years, and since then has continued to delight fans on and off camera, from starring in The Grinder and Friends from College to directing hit shows like Modern Family. Fred’s food philosophy can be summed up by a hearty YES! When dining out, he likes to order the entire menu, but he’s also not above eating cookie dough in the car. At home, Fred is known for his skills on the grill and champion of all things breakfast. Join us on this episode of Live to Eat as we chat about Fred’s first break in Hollywood, the secrets to making a killer burger, where to find terrific tacos in LA, and Fred’s upcoming Wonder Years-revival project.