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Live To Eat with Candace Nelson

Sep 9, 2020

Julie Resnick is the founder of The Feedfeed, a crowdsourced digital cooking community. Julie and her husband, Dan, created The Feedfeed as a place where like-minded people could connect and share recipes, and now with six different Instagram accounts and two brick-and-mortar locations, The Feedfeed has become one of the largest food communities, boasting 30 million foodies. With a degree from the Institute of Culinary Education, Julie is quite the home chef, and as a frequent farmers market shopper, Julie enjoys cooking with local seasonal ingredients. Julie and her family are living the bicoastal life, making fresh squeezed juices in LA and reaping a bounty of root vegetables in Amagansett, NY. Tune in to this episode of Live to Eat as we chat about how The Feedfeed community went from URL to IRL, the easiest one egg omelets, ways to divide and conquer tasks at home, and what it takes to get your recipe featured on The Feedfeed.